As of January 1, 2018:

Shareholder name Common Shares Preferred shares Total shares
Quantity, pieces Shareholding, % Quantity, pleces Shareholding %
 “AGRO PRIME SOLUTIONS” LLP 4 895 738 32,68 4 895 738 29,76
 K-INVEST GROUP LLP 3 586 439 23,94 3 586 439 21,8
Unified accum ulative pension fund JSC 899 993 6,01 1 420 000 2 319 993 14,1
A.Shestakov 855 030 5,71 855 030 5,2

The dividend policy of Atameken-Agro JSC is elaborated on the basis of Kazakhstan Legislation “On joint stock companies”, Company’s Statute and other internal normative acts, which regulate the Company’s activities, to define the aims, tasks and principles of dividend policy of the Company.


Atameken-Agro JSC as an emitter of Kazakhstani Stock Exchange (KASE) has in circulation as simple as privileged shares, which are included to the “second” category of Stock official list.
Starting from 2009 to the present time, according to “IRBIS” Agency ratings, the Company is listed among TOP 30 most capitalized listing companies operating on the stock market (In accordance with the results of monthly bid closure). Total market cost of the Company shares, traded on KASE comes to 45 532 million tenge (305 million USD).
The state registration of authorized shares issuance in the amount of 20 000 000 items was made on November 21, 2008.

Information on stocks issuance:

The quantity of authorized simple stocks 15 000 000
The quantity of authorized privileged stocks 5 000 000
Total quantity of authorized securities 20 000 000
The quantity of placed simple stocks 12 000 324
The quantity of placed privileged stock 1 448 457
Total quantity of placed securities 10 448 781
The quantity of purchased simple stocks 997
The quantity of purchased privileged stocks 0
Total quantity of purchased securities 997

Atameken-Agro JSC, as the Kazakhstani stock exchange emitter, besides simple and privileged shares has bond coupons in circulation.

In 2005 the Company has registered its debut issue of bonds to the amount of 2 billion and in 2008 has successfully paid them off.

In 2008 we have registered the first bond program of Atameken-Agro JSC to the amount of 20 billion tenge. Within the framework of this program the first emit ion of the bonds comprised 11 billion tenge and was registered under the national identification code KZP01Y10D329.

Currently, the Company bonds with 10 years maturity period are on the official list of the Stock Exchange under the notion of “ without rating estimate of second subcategory”.

Coupon rate on the bonds of the Company is floating; indexed on inflation and determined for each semiannual period, at that the value of the upper limit comprises 16% annually, the value of the lower limit comes to 10% annually.

The obligations on the payout of the bonds coupons are the priority for the Company which is confirmed by due fulfillment.

Presently, the first emit ion of the Company bonds within the frame of the first bond program is completely placed. The shareholders of the Company bonds are the banks (including non-residents), insurance and brokerage companies, other legal bodies and physical persons.

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