Social responsibility

The Company takes active part in financing of socially relevant projects as within the region as on a scale of whole country.
Since 2010 Atameken-Agro JSC sponsors the project on construction of partner British school “Hailyberry” realized by the Fund of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Our projects are aimed at development of Kazakhstani sport as well patronizing the football club “Kizilzhar” and the hokey club “Arlan”.

Social mission of Atameken-Agro JSC is to produce necessary products by means of effective and safety methods, to be able to encourage the social progress, to increase the people wealth, to develop the territories and welfare of population and employees of the Company.

Principles of corporate social responsibility

  • competitive products production that meets the needs of modern market;
  • effective and resource-conscious production technologies taking into account the interests of business and Society ;
  • law compliance including taxpaying.

Principles of corporate social business strategy regarding the business activity regions

  • new working places for people;
  • taxpaying to local and regional budgets;
  • projects aimed at social and economic development of the territories;
  • support of socially handicapped people;
  • observance of Law and collective agreements regulations in the sphere of social and labour relations;
  • occupational safety and high level of social conditions on the factory floor;
  • far and wide professional and cultural development of the employees.

Social projects

Within the framework of sponsorship our Company finances construction of the cultural centers, stadiums, rural schools along with supportive funding of organizations working in the sphere of educational, cultural and leisure activities. The major motivation for our Company is our willingness to participate in a public life striving to furnish educational assistance to the youngsters and teenagers contributing in the process of building successful and confident future for future generations of our family.
All the programs are targeted at development of rural areas where our production companies are working in. We are doing our best to improve the mode and quality of life of the Company personnel as well as economic and cultural life of the locals. We understand that people is a heart of the Company thus aspiring to create all necessary conditions to raise life quality level in the villages ensuring stable influx of work force to the region and what is crucial create conditions for youngsters to stay on the dear land.