Our mission

We, Atameken-Agro, plowing the land of our ancestors, keeping and multiplying its wealth, applying the innovation approaches in agriculture, produce the high quality foodstuff

Main goal

To become No 1 company in Kazakhstan with the profits and the sales volume by means of Vertical Integration Innovation Strategy

About us

Atameken-Agro JSC is keen to strengthen its position as a leader in agricultural production in Kazakhstan and its role as an international trading Company which is based on:
– Sound management of production capacity and stability of operating activities;
– Growth potential through diversification and innovation of production;
– Stable development of the regions under control of the Group

– September 3, KazAgroTrade+ LLP was founded.

– Beginning of active business activities, related to the production of agricultural products stakes of the following agricultural enterprises were acquired: Atameken-Agro-Timiryazevo LLP, Atameken-Agro-Korneyevka LLP.

– June 23, the bonds of the 1st issue were included in KASE’s official “B” listing category.

– September 26, KazAgroTrade+ LLP reorganized into Atameken-Agro JSC;
– Installation of the Cimbria equipment complexes;
– August 29, the bonds were included in KASE’s official “A” listing category;
– December 9, the common and preferred shares were included in KASE’s official list of the second category;
– Acquisition of stakes in Atameken-Agro-Tselinniy LLP;
– Winner in the nomination “Most dynamically developing Company of Kazakhstan”;
– Listed in the independent rating of Expert Kazakhstan Magazine “100 Largest Companies of Kazakhstan”.

– Acquisition of stakes in Sagat-SK LLP and Atameken-Agro-Shukyrkol LLP;
– Listed in the independent rating of Expert Kazakhstan Magazine “100 Largest Companies of Kazakhstan”.

– Establishment of Atameken-Agro-Stroi LLP with 100% shares of Atameken-Agro JSC in it;
– Listed in the independent rating of the National Business magazine “100 Kazakhstan’s largest companies” and took 59th place;
– Assigned credit rating at “B+” level;
– Listed in the independent rating of Expert Kazakhstan Magazine “100 Largest Companies of Kazakhstan”.

– Awarded by Expert RA, as the most innovative in the agroindustry;
– Included in the Top-30 most capitalized listing companies of the KASE in the rating of the IRBIS Agency.

– Beginning of animal husbandry development – acquisition of elite beef cattle breeds.

– Acquisition of stakes in: Atameken-Agro LLP, Atameken-Astyk LLP, Atameken-Agro-Esil LLP, Dihan Plus LLP, Michurinskiy LLP, PSH LLP, Shatilo & K LLP.

– Increase of the participation share in Shatilo & K LLP to 90.3%;
– Acquisition of a 100% stake in Atameken-Agro-Zerenda LLP.

– Atameken-Astyke LLP acquired a 99% stake in Arsha-2 LLP and the rest was acquired by Atameken-Agro JSC, thus, increasing the nominal storage volume of the Group by 42,000 metric tons;
– Implementation of the latest GEOSYS monitoring system.

– Victory at the exhibition “Uly Dala 2016” in the nomination “The best representative of the Angus breeds of Kazakhstan”;
– Awarded by the Republican Chamber of Angus of Kazakhstan with a Diploma for the proper keeping of pedigree records;
– Increase of the participation share in Agro-Svet LLP to 95%.

– Joined the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA);
– Implementation of the satellite machinery monitoring system AutoGraph.

– Atameken Agro won the title of ‘The leader of agricultural digitization’ at Astana Agro Forum-2018;
– Atameken Agro celebrated its 15th anniversary.

– Angus cattle from LLP Shatilo & Co won the first prize at ‘Kazakhstan meat tour’;
– LLP Shatilo & Co achieved a record-breaking wheat yield of 7.14 metric tons per hectare.

– Atameken Agro became a member of Global Pulse Confederation (GPC).

Since the moment of its foundation, the Company followed the horizontal integration strategy. This aim has been realized. The Company created the crop rotation structure which includes grain, oil and legume crops. We have elite seed-growing farm and modern equipment that allows us to provide all production entities of the Group of Companies Atameken-Agro with our own seeds.
We created the production chain combining the modern storage equipment and seed treatment. We have enough experience in export and good relations with the largest financial institutes in Kazakhstan. This fact allows us to trade, thus we go beyond our own output.
According to the development structure of GC Atameken-Agro for 2010 – 2014 the main principle of which is vertical integration, the Company is going to realize the projects concerning the agricultural products processing. This will provide us with products of higher added value which can be traded on internal and foreign markets.

Corporate Management


Chairman of the Board


Deputy Chairman of the Board


Deputy Chairman of the Board


Chief Engineer

Currently Atameken-Agro JSC is a head and managing company among the group of Companies, which includes 15 subsidiary companies, with Atameken-Agro JSC being the founder, owning on average, not less than 89% share of the Charter capital:


Chairman of the Board (Independent Director)


Member of the Board


Member of the Board (Independent Director)


Member of the Board


Member of the Board

The certificate of state registration of legal entity

The Republic of Kazakhstan taxpayer certificate

The statistical certificate

The Company Statute with amendments and supplements

The Statute is a document of association determining legal status of Atameken-Agro Joint-Stock Company as a legal entity containing obligatory clauses

Corporate management code

Atameken-Agro JSC corporate management code is a fundamental document which contains main principals, standards and recommendations that Atameken-Agro JSC is guided by, in the process of its activity to ensure the highest level of business ethics between the shareholders, the Board of the Directors, Chief Executive Officer and officials of the JSC, as well as the other market operators.

The State license on sale of pesticides (toxic chemicals)

The State license on sale of grains for export market

Briefly about us

Land resources

430 742 HA


537 units

Gross harvest

632 185 tons

Storage capacity

552 420 tons

Sown areas and harvest

Cereals 154 912 ha
Oilseeds 49 569 ha
Pulses 50 958 ha
Fodder 1 495 ha
Common wheat 156 259 tons
Durum 67 965 tons
Peas 42 512 tons
Barley 74 654 tons
Oats 3 375 tons
Spelt 1 269 tons
Rye 0 715 tons
Soybeans 3 277 tons
Chickpeas 0 893 tons
Lentils 14 835 tons
Rapeseed 4 692 tons
Linseeds 31 455 tons
Mustard 2 163 tons
Cereals 181 219 ha
Oilseeds 56 052 ha
Pulses 37 735 ha
Fodder 1 477 ha
Common wheat 184 781 tons
Durum 44 095 tons
Barley 49 184 tons
Yellow Peas 38 490 tons
Oats 1 895 tons
Spelt 1 250 tons
Soybeans 1 259 tons
Linseeds 40 575 tons
Chickpeas 0 685 tons
Lentils 7 910 tons
Rapeseed 6 679 tons
Sunflower seeds 2 473 tons

Storage facilities

Atameken-Astyk (Novoishimka) 48000 tons
Atameken-Astyk (Timiryazevo) 42000 tons
Arsha-2 (Kokshetau-2) 42000 tons
Atameken-AStyk (Kayrankul) 37200 tons
Atameken-Agro-Tselinny 71100tons
Atameken-Agro 60560tons
Atameken-Agro-Timiryazevo 44610tons
Shatilo & K 31500tons
Atameken-Agro-Korneevka 29850tons
Sagat SK 21400tons
Atameken-Agro-Essil 10300tons
Michurinsky 10500tons
Dihan Plus 10500tons
Atameken-Agro-Shukyrkol 6900tons
PSH 3000tons
Atameken-Astyk (Presnovka) 43000 tons
Korneevka-Essil (Korneevka) 40000 tons


  • Yearly gross revenue (in millions Kazakh tenge)

Business map