Agricultural holding "Atameken-Agro"

About “Atameken-Agro”

Agricultural holding Atameken-Agro JSC traces its history back to 2003 and produces a wide range of agricultural products. The group includes 16 companies that specialize in crop production, animal husbandry, seed production, storage and processing of grain crops, as well as related construction and sale of agricultural products.

“Atameken-Agro” is growing and developing, but always keeps its focus on the main mission: “Cultivating the land of our ancestors and employing innovative agricultural practices, we preserve and nurture the wealth of our native soil, thereby contributing to the food security and prosperity of the country”.

The company is one of the leaders of the Kazakhstani agricultural sector, whose land fund is more than 440 thousand hectares, located in the North Kazakhstan and Akmola regions. During the year, the holding companies produce about 400 thousand tons of various crops. The produced crops are sold both on the domestic and world markets. One of the key tasks of the company is to develop the export of Kazakh products abroad. The undeniable advantages of the agro-holding Atameken-Agro JSC are: 

Overall product storage capacity - 153,800 tons
Product quality meets international standards
The proximity of railway stations simplifies and shortens the delivery time
Digitalization of grain accounting optimizes production processes

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