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JSC “Atameken-Agro" is the first agroholding to receive financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

JSC 'Atameken-Agro' is proud to become the first holding in the agricultural industry of Kazakhstan to receive financing from the EBRD in the amount of $10 million. This milestone serves to reaffirm our leadership role in spearheading agricultural development initiatives and our unwavering commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies for the attainment of superior outcomes.
Cooperation with the EBRD opens up broad prospects for the modernization and development of our production capabilities. This funding will be allocated towards optimizing the energy usage of our agricultural machinery fleet, which in turn will significantly increase the company's productivity and support the sustainability of Kazakhstan's agricultural sector.
Through the equipment acquired with this capital, we anticipate not only enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing air pollution but also making a substantial impact on human capital development in the farming industry. We will take proactive measures to train our workforce in innovative agricultural practices, which will be an important contribution to strengthening our team and enhancing competitiveness in the global market.
“Despite the obstacles that the agricultural industry faces and the risks connected with agribusiness, the EBRD sees opportunities for its development in Kazakhstan. This represents an important first step toward increasing financial assistance for Kazakhstan's agricultural sector by the leading global investment organization of this scale” highlighted Kintal Islamov, the head of "Atameken Agro".

Video of the construction of a dairy farm by Atameken-Agro JSC and Westfalia Kazakhstan

How to strengthen the economy of an already successful agricultural holding and make the business even more sustainable? 

A clear example of such a management decision is now demonstrated by the Atameken-Agro company, whose management decided to diversify risks and enter the dairy business. 

The team of the ElDala.kz portal visited the place where the farm is being built and found out how the project is being implemented in general and whether the new dairy complex will really become the most advanced in Kazakhstan. 

A new dairy farm of Atameken-Agro JSC for 1,300 heads is being created in the North Kazakhstan region, in the village of Korneevka. The first stage of the farm will be launched in May 2024, and the farm will be fully operational by the end of this year. 

Westfalia-Kazakhstan is designing, supplying equipment produced by the German concern Gea and implementing the Project. This farm will use unique solutions for Kazakhstan, in particular: a system for maintaining a microclimate in barns, which will ensure maximum comfort in both winter and summer, which means that milk yield on this farm will be high all year round, regardless of whether it is frosty outside or heat.

Watch the video of the construction of MTF Atameken-Agro 

Material kindly provided by the portal ElDala.kz

The most advanced dairy farm in the country is being created by Atameken-Agro JSC and Westfalia Kazakhstan


The farm, unique in its technological equipment, will be the first project in the dairy industry for Atameken-Agro JSC. The project has been implemented by the agricultural holding since last year in the village of Korneevka, North Kazakhstan region. The partner is Westfalia Kazakhstan, the official representative of the GEA concern. The full range of equipment from this German manufacturer will be installed on the farm - from floor mats to a digital herd management system.

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Председатель Правления АО "Атамекен-Агро" Исламов Кинталь Кинтальевич и Лухай Юньган

The Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China recently signed a Memorandum of Cooperation focusing on the trade of agricultural products.

A significant event occurred on March 26, 2024, in Astana, marking a milestone for the advancement of trade and economic relations between the two countries. During this event, SPSI Cloud Port Development Group Co., Ltd. and the Northern Agrarian Union of Kazakhstan signed a Memorandum of Cooperation designed primarily for the trading of agricultural products.
According to the Memorandum, a variety of agricultural products such as wheat, barley, flax, rapeseed, oats, sunflower, peas, lentils, safflower, rye, vegetable oils, meal, feed flour, and other goods will be supplied. The document also highlights the potential for exporting these products not only to China but also to other Southeast Asian countries. It's worth noting that the Memorandum specifies that the supply of these products will be exclusively handled by companies associated with the Northern Agrarian Union of Kazakhstan.

About Sichuan Port and Shipping Investment Group Co., LTD. (SPSI)
Sichuan Port and Shipping Investment Group Co., LTD. (SPSI) is a leading state-owned investment company in the People's Republic of China, specializing in infrastructure projects in the field of transport logistics and port services. SPSI is actively developing cooperation with partners around the world, striving for long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships. The company operates five water ports in China.

About the Northern Agrarian Union of Kazakhstan

The Northern Agrarian Union of Kazakhstan, established in 2024 through the initiative of JSC "Atameken-Agro," is a non-profit organization aimed at forming a strategic trade alliance among agricultural enterprises in the North Kazakhstan region. The Union's objective is to create new growth opportunities for Kazakhstan's agricultural sector, including expanding export markets, diversifying market access, increasing export volumes, and finding innovative solutions to transportation and logistics challenges faced by exporters. Currently, its members include JSC "Atameken-Agro," LLP "Promyshlenno-Torgovaya Kompaniya 'Sodruzhestvo'," LLP "Asyl Farms" and HK Daksing Industrial Co., Limited. The Northern Agrarian Union is open to partnerships and is enthusiastic about welcoming new agricultural producers from Kazakhstan.

Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation in trade in agricultural products between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China in Astana

In order to further strengthen trade and economic relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China, a Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of trade in agricultural products will be signed. The event, scheduled for March 26, 2024 in the city of Astana, will be an important step in the development of bilateral relations between the two countries.

The delegation, which will arrive in the Republic of Kazakhstan on March 25-26, 2024, will include representatives of the government of Sichuan Province and well-known Chinese companies:

• Vice Governor of the People's Government of Sichuan Province – Zuo Yongxiang;

• Chairman of the Board of Sichuan Port and Shipping Investment Group Co.,Ltd. (SPSI) – Yang Jun;

• Director of the Legal Department for Risk Control, (SPSI) – Huang Jian;

• Chairman of the Board of Sichuan Communication&Transportation Group Co.,Ltd. – He Ping;

• Chairman of the Board and General Director of Sichuan Yun mao International Supply Chain Co.,Ltd. – Yao Qi-yi;

• Executive Director of Sichuan Egoist Technology Co., Ltd. – Lee Linman;

• Исполнительный директор и Генеральный менеджер PSI International Road Transportation Co., Ltd.  – Ли Мин.


As part of the visit on March 25, 2024, the Chinese delegation intends to visit agricultural enterprises in the North Kazakhstan region to discuss the prospects for the development of supplies of agricultural products to the People's Republic of China. On March 26, 2024, a Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation between SPSI Cloud Port Development Group Co., Ltd. will be signed in Astana. and the Northern Agrarian Union of Kazakhstan in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Saparov Aidarbek Seipellovich. The document sets out the conditions for the supply of 200 thousand tons of agricultural products from Kazakhstan to China with a plan to expand the volume to 1 million tons in the next 3 years. 

The event will take place on March 26, 2024 at 15:30 at the address: Astana, st. Sauran, 46, Hilton Astana hotel, conference room No. 5.

About Sichuan Port and Shipping Investment Group Co., LTD. (SPSI)

Sichuan Port and Shipping Investment Group Co., LTD. (SPSI) is a leading state-owned investment company in the People's Republic of China, specializing in infrastructure projects in the field of transport logistics and port services. SPSI is actively developing cooperation with partners around the world, striving for long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships. The company operates five water ports in China.

About the Northern Agrarian Union of Kazakhstan

The Northern Agrarian Union of Kazakhstan is a non-profit organization created in 2024 on the initiative of Atameken-Agro JSC, one of the largest agricultural holdings in the country, with the goal of uniting agricultural enterprises of the North Kazakhstan region for a strategic trade alliance.

Media contact information:

Kasenbaeva Dana Amantaevna

Head of the information and analytical department of Atameken-Agro JSC

Тел.: +7 701 758 86 82

e-mail: d.kasenbayeva@a-agro.kz


Khasenov Shamis Muratovich

Director of Atameken Agro Trade LLP

Тел.: +7 701 758 86 82

e-mail: sh.khassenov@a-agro.kz

20-летие АО “Атамекен-Агро”

On November 24, 2023, our company celebrated two important events: Agricultural Workers' Day and our 20th anniversary! We made the decision to combine these two events and celebrate with our amazing employees, planning an extensive concert program with performers and an official ceremony of the company's best workers! We are truly grateful for the efforts made by each member of our team and are extremely proud of each worker. We wanted to thank everyone for their amazing effort!

At this event, 27 members of our company were honored in various nominations. The winners received well-deserved awards for their contributions to the development and prosperity of our team. Among the prizes were diplomas, monetary certificates from our sponsors, and travel gift certificates.

Наша команда – это наше самое ценное достояние! Как отметил Председатель Правления АО “Атамекен Агро” Исламов Кинталь Кинтальевич, все наши достижения – это результат совместного труда. Наш девиз: “Один в поле не воин”. Мы стремимся работать вместе, дружно и слаженно, чтобы достигать целей, которые для других могут показаться недостижимыми!


1. Best Chief Agronomist - Materov Alexander Ivanovich, LLC "Atameken-Agro-Korneevka"

2. Лучший агроном по защите растений  – Полехин Виталий Федорович, ТОО «Шатило и К» 

3. Best Agronomist-Breeder - Mozgacheva Oksana Vladimirovna, LLC "Shatilo & K" 

4. Лучший агроном – Минев Владимир Иванович – агроном, ТОО «Атамекен-Агро-Корнеевка»;

5. Лучший зоотехник – Шалабаев Аскар Зарифович, ТОО “Атамекен-Агро”

6. Best Chief Engineer - Skvorcov Evgeny Aleksandrovich, LLC "Atameken-Agro-Esil"

7. Best Livestock Operator - Meshelov Azamat Kadyrbekovich, LLC "Atameken-Agro"

8. Best Head of MTM - Kozlov Alexey Vyacheslavovich, LLC "Atameken-Agro-Korneevka"

9. Best Mechanic-Fitter - Rats Sergey Arturovich, LLC "Atameken-Agro-Tselinny"

10. Лучший специалист по управлению персоналом – Биркун Вероника Сергеевна – ТОО «Мичуринский»

11. Best Sowing Mechanizer - Lutsenko Alexander Nikolaevich, LLC "Michurinsky" 

12. Лучший механизатор по химической обработке – Ескен Фархат Сансызбайұлы, ТОО «Атамекен-Агро-Тимирязево»

13. Лучший бригадир полеводческой бригады – Шмидт Андрей Владимирович,  ТОО «Атамекен-Агро-Корнеевка»

14. Best Driver - Beisembaev Marat Zhasulanovich, LLC "Atameken-Agro"

15. Лучший комбайнер – Байкеев Азамат Зейноллович, ТОО “Атамекен-Агро-Есиль”

16. Best Head of Grain Receiving Section - Qasen Alibek Asylbekuly, LLC "Atameken Astyk"

17. Лучший управляющий элеватором – Чекмарёва Лилия Владимировна – ТОО «Атамекен-Агро»

18. Лучший лаборант – Мемус Алексей Владимирович– ТОО «Арша 2»

19. Лучший начальник участка элеватора – Хабибулин Анатолий Алексеевич ТОО «Атамекен-Агро»

20. Лучший механик элеватора – Каленский Владислав Антонович, ТОО «Атамекен Астык»

21. Лучший сушильный мастер элеватора – Белоус Василий Анатольевич, ТОО «Атамекен – Астык»

22. Лучший диспетчер мониторинга, контроля техники и объектов – Чекмарева Валентина Владимировна – ТОО “Атамекен-Агро”

23. Best Lawyer - Birkun Alexander Alexandrovich, LLC "Michurinsky"

24. Best Economist - Savostyan Svetlana Nikolaevna, LLC "Atameken-Agro-Tselinny"

25. Лучший бухгалтер – Высочина Наталья Николаевна – ТОО «Атамекен Астык»

26. Лучший специалист ТБ и Э – Жежеря Вячеслав Дмитриевич, ТОО «Атамекен-Агро»

27. «Лучший Директор ТОО» – Фадеев Александр Александрович ТОО «Атамекен Агро Корнеевка»

28. Лучшее ТОО  – ТОО «Атамекен Агро Корнеевка».

On November 22, 2023, a documentary film about the employees of the Atameken-Agro JSC Group of Companies will be broadcast on the Khabar-24 TV channel. We invite all colleagues, partners and friends of our Holding, as well as everyone who is interested in the agricultural industry of Kazakhstan, to view!

Трудовые соревнования сотрудников АО “Атамекен-Агро”: стимулы и достижения.

The sowing campaign has ended in the fields of Atameken-Agro JSC. The management of the agricultural holding uses a special motivation system to increase the efficiency of employees during field work. Thus, every sowing and harvesting season, labor competitions are held between employees of subsidiaries.  

Главными целями соревнований в АО “Атамекен-Агро” являются: мотивация работников, повышение производительности труда, укрепление трудовой дисциплины, совершенствование профессиональной подготовки, достижение высоких производственных показателей. 

In the past spring season, workers directly involved in sowing work took part in the competition. The criterion for determining the best employee in the competition is the percentage of exceeding the production norm. Atameken-Agro JSC has developed a clear algorithm for evaluating results so that all competitions are as transparent and fair as possible. The best employees are determined based on the results of the week, month and entire season in each subsidiary. At the end of the season, the winner of the labor competition is chosen and declared a leader in production. But that’s not all: based on the results of work performed for both seasons (spring and autumn), the agricultural holding determines the best employee of the year. The winners of the labor competition are celebrated in a solemn atmosphere.

At each stage of the competition, to further motivate employees, financial rewards are given to the winners. The winners of the work week, month and leading production workers are awarded bonus certificates for first, second and third place. 

Based on the results of the spring stage of labor competitions in 2023, the following particularly distinguished themselves: 

Harrowing: Kantarov Asylbek Malgozhdarovich, Gabdulin Amirzhan Galymzhanovich, Zaidel Alexander Vladimirovich, Listopadniy Kirill Vladimirovich. 

Chemical processing: Rykov Gennady Fedorovich, Esekeev Sattar Ashimovich, Leonov Nikolay Petrovich, Plindik Igor Vyacheslavovich. 

Sowing with fertilizer application: Dyachenko Nikolay Vladimirovich, Ryazantsev Andrey Vladimirovich, Bernikov Alexander Alexandrovich, Kuznetsov Oleg Arkadyevich. 

Seeding: Yakovenko Sergey Evgenievich, Sharkevich Vasily Vasilyevich, Garkusha Evgeny Ivanovich, Telekeev Marat Tolospaevich, Mutalapov Seilkhan Meirmanovich, Gizdetdinov Aizat Fazylovich, Press Sergey Alekseevich. 

Таким образом, соревнования между сотрудниками агрохолдинга АО “Атамекен-Агро” играют важную роль в стимулировании работников, повышении производительности труда и улучшении производственных показателей.

Changes in the Board of Directors of Atameken-Agro JSC


On June 2 of this year, an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of Atameken-Agro JSC was held, dedicated to a partial change in the composition of the Board of Directors of the agricultural holding. At the request of independent director Dauren Askarovich Sabdenov for early resignation from the Board of Directors of the Company, a vote was held among shareholders, as a result of which his powers were removed. 


Inkar Abibullaevna Tyurekhodjaeva was nominated as a new candidate for membership in the Board of Directors of Atameken-Agro JSC. This person acts as a representative of Problem Loan Fund JSC. By voting, it was decided to elect Inkar Abibullaevna Tyurekhodzhaeva to the position of member of the Board of Directors of Atameken-Agro JSC.


The third decision adopted at the general meeting of shareholders of Atameken-Agro JSC was the establishment of a new date for the termination of the powers of the Member of the Board of Directors of Atameken-Agro JSC. The set date was September 30, 2025.

Lentil production. Trends and prospects.

Atameken-Agro JSC considers lentil production in Kazakhstan to be one of the most promising areas of agriculture.

Despite the fact that most of the acreage in the structure of the leading Kazakh agricultural holding is occupied by grain crops, the management of Atameken-Agro JSC is convinced that Kazakhstan needs and can move away from monoculture farming. The company actively monitors global trends and strives to diversify production by increasing the share of legumes. In particular, lentils. Compared to wheat, legumes have higher margins, they saturate the soil with valuable nitrogen and, in general, their cultivation reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which has a beneficial effect on the environment. 

According to market experts, global consumption of legumes may increase to 116.8 million tons per year by 2031 (from 99.7 million tons in 2022). Despite the fact that today the consumption of legumes exceeds their production by 8.26 million tons per year.

Crop farms that are part of Atameken-Agro began growing lentils back in 2014, clearly understanding where the market situation was heading. Today, lentils and another crop, peas, dominate legume production in Kazakhstan. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of Atameken-Agro JSC Kintal Islamov at the international conference “Asia Grain Conference”, which was held in Almaty in the spring.

Moreover, in recent years, the trend has led to a reduction in pea production in Kazakhstan in favor of lentils. This happens because this crop is more resistant to dry conditions than peas. In addition, according to the head of Atameken-Agro, a more significant reason for the increase in lentil acreage is its good margins.

– В 2022 году мы произвели гороха 7,4% от всего валового сбора в Казахстане. При этом чечевицы – практически 19,9% от всего валового сбора, – отметил К. Исламов. – В 2021-2022 годах посевные показатели чечевицы росли.

According to the holding, today the main markets for peas are Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Kazakh lentils go to Turkey.

Seeing the prospects for growing lentils, Atameken-Agro JSC is currently considering the construction of a plant for processing this crop. This will not only help Kazakhstan improve its own food security, but will also make it one of the important players in the export market of pulses in Central Asia.

Что касается двух других бобовых культур, выращиваемых в Казахстане, – нута и фасоли – то их производство не так интересно компании, как чечевица. Причин тут несколько: основными производителями и экспортерами этих культур являются соседние страны (к примеру, Узбекистан); стоимость нута ниже более перспективной чечевицы, а опыт производства фасоли в Казахстане еще сравнительно мал. К тому же, климатические условия не всегда позволяют ее выращивать: она влаго- и теплолюбивая. В связи с этим, площади нута были компанией сокращены. 

По словам К. Исламова, производство чечевицы в Казахстане имеет все перспективы для того, чтобы стать важной культурой для экономики страны. Главные задачи – расширение подходящих рынков сбыта и удобных логистических цепочек.