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Labor competitions for employees of Atameken-Agro JSC: incentives and achievements.

The sowing campaign has ended in the fields of Atameken-Agro JSC. The management of the agricultural holding uses a special motivation system to increase the efficiency of employees during field work. Thus, every sowing and harvesting season, labor competitions are held between employees of subsidiaries.  

The main goals of the competition at Atameken-Agro JSC are: motivating employees, increasing labor productivity, strengthening labor discipline, improving professional training, and achieving high production indicators. 

In the past spring season, workers directly involved in sowing work took part in the competition. The criterion for determining the best employee in the competition is the percentage of exceeding the production norm.

Atameken-Agro JSC has developed a clear algorithm for evaluating results so that all competitions are as transparent and fair as possible. The best employees are determined based on the results of the week, month and entire season in each subsidiary. At the end of the season, the winner of the labor competition is chosen and declared a leader in production. But that’s not all: based on the results of work performed for both seasons (spring and autumn), the agricultural holding determines the best employee of the year. The winners of the labor competition are celebrated in a solemn atmosphere.

At each stage of the competition, to further motivate employees, financial rewards are given to the winners. The winners of the work week, month and leading production workers are awarded bonus certificates for first, second and third place. 

Based on the results of the spring stage of labor competitions in 2023, the following particularly distinguished themselves: 

Harrowing: Kantarov Asylbek Malgozhdarovich, Gabdulin Amirzhan Galymzhanovich, Zaidel Alexander Vladimirovich, Listopadniy Kirill Vladimirovich. 

Chemical processing: Rykov Gennady Fedorovich, Esekeev Sattar Ashimovich, Leonov Nikolay Petrovich, Plindik Igor Vyacheslavovich. 

Sowing with fertilizer application: Dyachenko Nikolay Vladimirovich, Ryazantsev Andrey Vladimirovich, Bernikov Alexander Alexandrovich, Kuznetsov Oleg Arkadyevich. 

Seeding: Yakovenko Sergey Evgenievich, Sharkevich Vasily Vasilyevich, Garkusha Evgeny Ivanovich, Telekeev Marat Tolospaevich, Mutalapov Seilkhan Meirmanovich, Gizdetdinov Aizat Fazylovich, Press Sergey Alekseevich. 

Thus, competitions between employees of the agricultural holding JSC Atameken-Agro play an important role in stimulating workers, increasing labor productivity and improving production indicators.

Changes in the Board of Directors of Atameken-Agro JSC


On June 2 of this year, an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of Atameken-Agro JSC was held, dedicated to a partial change in the composition of the Board of Directors of the agricultural holding. At the request of independent director Dauren Askarovich Sabdenov for early resignation from the Board of Directors of the Company, a vote was held among shareholders, as a result of which his powers were removed. 


Inkar Abibullaevna Tyurekhodjaeva was nominated as a new candidate for membership in the Board of Directors of Atameken-Agro JSC. This person acts as a representative of Problem Loan Fund JSC. By voting, it was decided to elect Inkar Abibullaevna Tyurekhodzhaeva to the position of member of the Board of Directors of Atameken-Agro JSC.


The third decision adopted at the general meeting of shareholders of Atameken-Agro JSC was the establishment of a new date for the termination of the powers of the Member of the Board of Directors of Atameken-Agro JSC. The set date was September 30, 2025.

Lentil production. Trends and prospects.

Atameken-Agro JSC considers lentil production in Kazakhstan to be one of the most promising areas of agriculture.

Despite the fact that most of the acreage in the structure of the leading Kazakh agricultural holding is occupied by grain crops, the management of Atameken-Agro JSC is convinced that Kazakhstan needs and can move away from monoculture farming. The company actively monitors global trends and strives to diversify production by increasing the share of legumes. In particular, lentils. Compared to wheat, legumes have higher margins, they saturate the soil with valuable nitrogen and, in general, their cultivation reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which has a beneficial effect on the environment. 

According to market experts, global consumption of legumes may increase to 116.8 million tons per year by 2031 (from 99.7 million tons in 2022). Despite the fact that today the consumption of legumes exceeds their production by 8.26 million tons per year.

Crop farms that are part of Atameken-Agro began growing lentils back in 2014, clearly understanding where the market situation was heading. Today, lentils and another crop, peas, dominate legume production in Kazakhstan. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of Atameken-Agro JSC Kintal Islamov at the international conference “Asia Grain Conference”, which was held in Almaty in the spring.

Moreover, in recent years, the trend has led to a reduction in pea production in Kazakhstan in favor of lentils. This happens because this crop is more resistant to dry conditions than peas. In addition, according to the head of Atameken-Agro, a more significant reason for the increase in lentil acreage is its good margins.


— In 2022, we produced peas 7.4% of the total gross harvest in Kazakhstan. At the same time, lentils account for almost 19.9% of the total gross harvest, noted K. Islamov. — In 2021-2022, lentil sowing rates increased.

According to the holding, today the main markets for peas are Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Kazakh lentils go to Turkey.

Seeing the prospects for growing lentils, Atameken-Agro JSC is currently considering the construction of a plant for processing this crop. This will not only help Kazakhstan improve its own food security, but will also make it one of the important players in the export market of pulses in Central Asia.

As for the other two legumes grown in Kazakhstan - chickpeas and beans - their production is not as interesting to the company as lentils. There are several reasons for this: the main producers and exporters of these crops are neighboring countries (for example, Uzbekistan); the cost of chickpeas is lower than the more promising lentils, and the experience of producing beans in Kazakhstan is still relatively small. In addition, climatic conditions do not always allow it to be grown: it is moisture- and heat-loving. In this regard, the chickpea area was reduced by the company. 

According to K. Islamov, lentil production in Kazakhstan has every prospect of becoming an important crop for the country’s economy. The main objectives are to expand suitable markets and convenient supply chains.

The victory of the employees of "Atameken-Agro" JSC in the professional brain-ring

Employees of the agricultural holding "Atameken-Agro" JSC proved their high competence in agriculture by taking part in the intellectual game "August Brain-Ring" at the International Exhibition of Agriculture "AgriTek/FarmTek Astana" at the end of March 2023.

The brain ring was organized by a subsidiary of the Russian international company Avgust, opened in 2007, which is engaged in the production and sale of plant protection chemicals (PPС). The largest company in the development, production and information technology support of the use of plant protection products invited its partners and customers to hold an exciting competition. Among the participating companies were such major players in the agricultural market as IMEX Group, AlemAgro Holding, Gold Chemical Company and many others. 

Teams from different regions of Kazakhstan competed in an intellectual competition, demonstrating their high knowledge and skills in the field of agriculture. The game participants not only solved complex problems, but also discussed topical issues such as new technologies in the agricultural industry, economic and environmental aspects of agriculture, as well as food security issues and many other important issues related to the agricultural sector. This allowed participants to share knowledge and experience, as well as get new ideas and solutions that can help develop the agricultural sector in Kazakhstan.

As a result of a fair fight, the team of "Atameken-Agro" JSC took first place and won valuable prizes, certificates for 100,000 tenge each from the organizer of the competition. The team captain, the chief agronomist of our holding, Roman Rudko, emphasized that participation in such events helps the company's employees to implement the common task in their work even better.

The success of "Atameken-Agro" JSC in the intellectual game is a confirmation of the competence and high level of professionalism of its employees in agriculture. This is an important step towards achieving the company's goals and increasing its prestige in the market.

Digitalization of the agricultural business of ‘Atameken-Agro” JSC

Seven years ago, the advanced agricultural business of Kazakhstan began its journey towards full digitalization. “Atameken-Agro” JSC became the first company in Kazakhstan that turned to international experience and decided to apply modern information technologies on Kazakhstani soil (literally and figuratively). Turning to the digital pioneers in the field of digitalization of the agricultural sector, “Agrostream” LLP, our agricultural holding began to introduce a unique analytical automated information system throughout the group of companies. As time has shown, this decision was absolutely correct, because the digitalization of processes invariably shows its effectiveness for “Atameken-Agro” JSC in many respects.


An illustrative example of a successful digitalization process in our Company was a record harvest at one of the holding's farms. In 2019, the Kazakhstani agrarians heard the news: “Shatilo and K” LLP, an agricultural enterprise in the structure of “Atameken-Agro”, set an absolute record for winter wheat yield - 71.4 c/ha. This is absolutely an outstanding indicator, although even the average yield on the fields of this company is 50 c/ha, which is already a lot in comparison with other farms. The management of the company explained its success by several factors, the main of which is the stable and efficient operation of the information system, in favor of which the management of “Atameken-Agro” JSC made its choice. 

In summary, the digital approach in the agricultural business can solve a whole range of different tasks, ranging from grain logistics control, the process of loading elevators, shipment to the end client, ending with crop planning, and so on.  

In particular, one of the modules of the system we have chosen allows you to control the operation of all equipment in the field: combines, seeders, grain carriers, and the amount of idle time. As a result, the time of the entire production chain is enormously optimized, since sowing, harvesting and all logistics are carried out non-stop and error-free.

Another module of the automated information system implemented by "Atameken-Agro" JSC allows you to automatically keep records of grain and see the movement of various batches of grain for operators. In addition, thanks to this module, the processes that take place inside the current (field - acceptance - placement - transfer - side work - mixing - warehouse - shipment to the client, etc.) are absolutely transparent. This is especially important for the grain supplier to control the mixing of grain of different qualities and its loss. The program also generates waybills, compares physical and test weights to identify manipulations with grain quality. Thus, the control over the process becomes maximum, and the errors associated with the human factor are minimal. This, of course, makes the Atameken-Agro holding a reliable partner for the purchase of grain, because customers can see the “transparency” of processes and be convinced of the quality of products. 

Definitely, the program requires the installation of special equipment: video cameras on the fields, electronic scales, barriers, etc. But its effectiveness is confirmed by the reduction of various production losses and costs. In particular, one of the farms of “Atameken-Agro” JSC reduced such a serious expense as grain refraction already in the first season of “Agrostream” implementation by 63%. 

In general, digitalized control over production processes allows the management of the agricultural holding to see online from anywhere in the world information about where, how much grain and what quality is stored. Moreover, the data is updated every five minutes. And since the movement of grain is 24/7, this entire complex technological process is almost impossible to control without a program.

In addition to control over current processes, digitalization helps our Company in competent strategic planning and project budgeting. Agronomists of "Atameken-Agro" JSC have the opportunity to plan and control the rates of seed application for each field, fertilizer application, the consumption of crop protection agents from pests and weeds, etc.

Important advantage of the introduction of an automated information system on the farms of "Atameken-Agro" is the ability to control theft. Unfortunately, in large conglomerates of various companies, periodic clashes with the dishonesty of employees, theft of grain, fuel and fertilizers are not uncommon. The digital system monitors all this and allows you to increase the company's productivity by 10-15%. 

As a result, process automation allowed not only to collect complete information, improve the efficiency of the entire grain production cycle for the “Atameken-Agro” group of companies, but also analyze it to further increase profitability and improve business processes.

“Atameken-Agro” JSC definitely made the right choice of a partner in the difficult task of digitalization, because “Agrostream” LLP combines the experience of advanced foreign developments, but at the same time is maximally adapted for the domestic consumer. The head of “Agrostream” LLP, Aida Mullasheva, emphasizes the simplicity of the interface, the intuitiveness of generating reports, the informativeness and complexity of the developed product, which is successfully used by our Company.


“Atameken-Agro” JSC is fully satisfied with the chosen course for the digitalization of production and in the near future plans to further simplify the work of its agronomists by providing them with a mobile application with the functions of determining the likelihood of diseases and pests, as well as receiving recommendations for preventive actions. 

In conclusion, important to note that the timely correct strategic decisions made by the managers of “Atameken-Agro” JSC bring great benefits to the country's agriculture and set the right trends for other companies, stimulating the development of the industry as a whole.

Start of the sowing campaign

In the spring, farmers around the world begin the sowing campaign, which will kick-start the new season. For “Atameken-Agro” JSC, one of the leading agricultural holdings in the country, the 2023 sowing season officially began on April 22 with the sowing of lentils at “Shatilo and K” LLP. The next start, on April 23, was the sowing of fodder grasses on the fields of “Michurinsky” LLP. Wheat began to be sown from the farm of “Atameken-Agro” LLP also on April 23, while the main start of sowing on the holding of “Atameken-Agro” JSC began on the 26th of the same month.

Compared to last year's sowing season, which started on April 16, this year's sowing season started a little later due to the cold spring. However, there were no significant deviations from the planned work schedule.

As for the regions where the farms of “Atameken-Agro” JSC are located, field work started in the first ten days of April at “Dikhan Plus” LLP, located in the Akmola region, where they began the so-called “moisture closure” - early spring harrowing, the first and most important operation for retaining moisture in the soil. 

If we talk about the sowing structure in the new season of 2023, it has changed compared to the previous one. "Atameken-Agro" JSC decided to increase the sown area for lentils, sunflower and wheat. The area under flax and rapeseed, on the contrary, decreased. In addition, it was decided to completely stop sowing chickpeas due to the complexity of the cultivation technologies for this crop to protect it from weeds.


Weather conditions during the planting season play a key role in the success of the harvest. According to the weather forecast, temperature drops are expected this spring, but in May, according to preliminary data from “KazHydroMet”, precipitation is expected to be within the normal range. These factors affect the growth and development of crops, so “Atameken-Agro” JSC always takes measures to mitigate any potential negative impacts.

In general, agronomists of “Atameken-Agro” JSC are optimistic about the upcoming harvest. With the use of mineral fertilizers and favorable weather conditions, they expect high yields of wheat, sunflower, durum wheat, flax, lentils and other crops. However, as in any agricultural enterprise, there are always unforeseen factors that can affect the final result. Nevertheless, one of the main advantages of the holding is the predictably high result of the agricultural season, which allows accepting orders from buyers in advance. The trading department of the company is always open to consulting its regular and new customers and partners. As every year, the company uses all its experience and resources to ensure the most successful yields. 

Charity exhibition of pupils works of the supervised center “Ayalau” at the head office of Atameken-Agro JSC

Atameken-Agro JSC continues to be socially responsible and actively participates in the social sphere of the life of the city, districts and villages. for 15 years Atameken-Agro has been supporting the Ayalau Center, which helps individuals over the age of 18 with disabilities to become full members of society. This center has 130 beneficiaries of special social services, including 67 children aged 1.5 to 18 years and 63 people over the age of 18 with neuropsychiatric diseases. As part of the assistance to the Ayalau Center the company buys furniture, clothes, blankets, stationery, radiotelephones, toys and much more. 

The main task of the center is to ensure the readiness of the wards to absorb new knowledge, skills necessary for physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development, and adaptation to the world around them.

The center conducts different cultural events for this aim. Thus, in 2022, the employees of Atameken-Agro were invited by the management of the center to the New Year's performance “Morozko”, where the children of the center took part. No one remained indifferent to the atmosphere, efforts and talent of the Ayalau children, because special children teach us to look at the world differently, making us a little kinder and more considerate. 

The emotions from the meeting were so vivid that the employees of Atameken-Agro, represented by the Personnel Management Service, decided to organize a counter event at the Company's head office. 

On March 2, 2023, an exhibition of art works by pupils of the Ayalau Center was held in the Conference Hall of Atameken-Agro JSC. The entire staff of the head office came to admire the works. The exhibits were surprising with their unconventional design, and high level of effort. Many employees wished to purchase creative works created by pupils with soul and love. Thus, the Company's team expressed their support and recognition to the creators of the works.

All the funds raised at the exhibition were sent directly to the authors of the works to give them the opportunity to develop their creative abilities. This charity event allowed the Company's employees to experience being part of the team that does a good deed and helps people in difficult life circumstances.

Atameken-Agro encourages its employees not to stay aside from such initiatives, because responsiveness, compassion and sensitivity are necessary qualities for the successful development of each person and the corporate spirit as a whole. 

Awarding the best employees of Atameken-Agro JSC holding according to the results of 2022

Atameken-Agro JSC adheres to a clear policy of the Company, which values its employees and strives to maintain their efficiency and well-being. For example, every year, according to the results of the previous period of work, the management thanks its best employees for their excellent work, sending the leaders on vacation to the seaside. 

It is important for the Company to pay attention to the special merits of its employees and take care of their physical and emotional health. According to the results of 2022, 27 top performers of the holding received rewards in the form of vacation packages in Thailand. Each employee was selected based on their professional achievements and merits, as well as relying on fair criteria to ensure honesty and transparency in the selection process.

The company is proud of its employees and strives to keep them energized, positive and vibrant, healthy and recovering after working days. Join our team and get a decent reward for your hard work!

Introducing the Japanese Kaizen concept to agribusiness Atameken-Agro JSC management

Atameken Agro participated in the program “Sustainable Agribusiness Management in the CIS and Mongolia” thanks to the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). JICA facilitates the exchange of experience between experts in the field of agribusiness management, including agriculture, animal husbandry, food production and related enterprises. 

The program consisted of two phases. The first stage took place in Kokshetau on January 9-10, where chief engineers, agronomists, grain elevator managers and other stakeholders participated in the training of the Kaizen concept followed by the Company's management. During the training, employees (participants) studied the philosophy, basic principles and elements of the concept, types of losses in production activities, lean production tools, prevention of "poka–yoke" errors and the process of continuous improvement.

The second phase was held in Japan from January 16 to February 2 and included visits to Japanese agribusiness enterprises and seminars at which participants studied the practical application of Japanese sustainable management methods, including Kaizen and marketing. Pavel Utkin, the head of the Engineering service, represented Atameken-Agro JSC . He visited cattle farms, dairy farms, confectioneries, mills and elevators, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, studied sustainable development, systems thinking, circular business model, 5S, 3R. Next, he will have to implement and develop Kaizen technologies in the Company's subsidiaries.

Atameken-Agro Holding is interested in the continuous development of all its employees and enterprise leaders in particular. That is why, as part of the introduction of the Kaizen management system, a two-day training seminar was organized for the managers of subsidiaries of Atameken-Agro JSC together with a consultant-trainer of the Japanese center in the field of Lean production and Kaizen. 

In today’s economy, the relevance of the Kaizen concept is increasing day by day, not only at the local, but also globally. Rational use of resources, including human resources, which is taught by the Japanese methodology, will help the agricultural holding to remain at the top of productivity and competitiveness.

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