Видео строительства молочной фермы АО “Атамекен-Агро” и Westfalia Казахстан - Atameken-Agro

Video of the construction of a dairy farm by Atameken-Agro JSC and Westfalia Kazakhstan

How to strengthen the economy of an already successful agricultural holding and make the business even more sustainable? 

A clear example of such a management decision is now demonstrated by the Atameken-Agro company, whose management decided to diversify risks and enter the dairy business. 

The team of the ElDala.kz portal visited the place where the farm is being built and found out how the project is being implemented in general and whether the new dairy complex will really become the most advanced in Kazakhstan. 

A new dairy farm of Atameken-Agro JSC for 1,300 heads is being created in the North Kazakhstan region, in the village of Korneevka. The first stage of the farm will be launched in May 2024, and the farm will be fully operational by the end of this year. 

Westfalia-Kazakhstan is designing, supplying equipment produced by the German concern Gea and implementing the Project. This farm will use unique solutions for Kazakhstan, in particular: a system for maintaining a microclimate in barns, which will ensure maximum comfort in both winter and summer, which means that milk yield on this farm will be high all year round, regardless of whether it is frosty outside or heat.

Watch the video of the construction of MTF Atameken-Agro 

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