Цифровизация аграрного бизнеса АО «Атамекен-Агро» - Atameken-Agro

Digitalization of the agricultural business of ‘Atameken-Agro” JSC

Seven years ago, the advanced agricultural business of Kazakhstan began its journey towards full digitalization. “Atameken-Agro” JSC became the first company in Kazakhstan that turned to international experience and decided to apply modern information technologies on Kazakhstani soil (literally and figuratively). Turning to the digital pioneers in the field of digitalization of the agricultural sector, “Agrostream” LLP, our agricultural holding began to introduce a unique analytical automated information system throughout the group of companies. As time has shown, this decision was absolutely correct, because the digitalization of processes invariably shows its effectiveness for “Atameken-Agro” JSC in many respects.


Показательным примером удачного процесса цифровизации в нашей Компании стал рекордный урожай на одном из хозяйств холдинга. В 2019 году казахстанских аграриев облетела новость: ТОО «Шатило и К» – аграрное хозяйство в структуре «Атамекен-Агро» – установило абсолютный рекорд по урожайности озимой пшеницы – 71,4 ц/Га. Это, конечно, выдающийся показатель, хотя даже средняя урожайность на полях этой фирмы составляет 50 ц/Га, что уже много в сравнении с другими хозяйствами. Руководство фирмы объяснило свой успех несколькими факторами, главный из которых – стабильная и эффективная работа информационной системы, в пользу которой сделало свой выбор руководство АО “Атамекен-Агро”. 

In summary, the digital approach in the agricultural business can solve a whole range of different tasks, ranging from grain logistics control, the process of loading elevators, shipment to the end client, ending with crop planning, and so on.  

In particular, one of the modules of the system we have chosen allows you to control the operation of all equipment in the field: combines, seeders, grain carriers, and the amount of idle time. As a result, the time of the entire production chain is enormously optimized, since sowing, harvesting and all logistics are carried out non-stop and error-free.

Другой модуль автоматизированной информационной системы, внедренной АО “Атамекен-Агро”, позволяет в автоматическом режиме вести учет зерна и видеть  движение различных партий зерна операторам. Кроме того, благодаря этому модулю, процессы, которые происходят внутри тока (поле – приемка – размещение – перекидка – подработка – смешивание – склад – отгрузка клиенту и т.д.) абсолютно прозрачны. Это особенно важно для поставщика зерна, чтобы контролировать смешение зерна разных качеств и его потери. Программа также формирует путевые листы, сравнивает физический и зачетный вес, чтобы выявить манипуляции с качеством зерна. Таким образом, контроль над процессом становится максимальным, а ошибки, связанные с человеческим фактором – минимальными. Это, безусловно, делает холдинг “Атамекен-Агро” надежным партнером для закупа зерна, ведь клиенты могут увидеть “прозрачность” процессов и убедиться в качестве продукции. 

Definitely, the program requires the installation of special equipment: video cameras on the fields, electronic scales, barriers, etc. But its effectiveness is confirmed by the reduction of various production losses and costs. In particular, one of the farms of “Atameken-Agro” JSC reduced such a serious expense as grain refraction already in the first season of “Agrostream” implementation by 63%. 

In general, digitalized control over production processes allows the management of the agricultural holding to see online from anywhere in the world information about where, how much grain and what quality is stored. Moreover, the data is updated every five minutes. And since the movement of grain is 24/7, this entire complex technological process is almost impossible to control without a program.

In addition to control over current processes, digitalization helps our Company in competent strategic planning and project budgeting. Agronomists of "Atameken-Agro" JSC have the opportunity to plan and control the rates of seed application for each field, fertilizer application, the consumption of crop protection agents from pests and weeds, etc.

Important advantage of the introduction of an automated information system on the farms of "Atameken-Agro" is the ability to control theft. Unfortunately, in large conglomerates of various companies, periodic clashes with the dishonesty of employees, theft of grain, fuel and fertilizers are not uncommon. The digital system monitors all this and allows you to increase the company's productivity by 10-15%. 

As a result, process automation allowed not only to collect complete information, improve the efficiency of the entire grain production cycle for the “Atameken-Agro” group of companies, but also analyze it to further increase profitability and improve business processes.

“Atameken-Agro” JSC definitely made the right choice of a partner in the difficult task of digitalization, because “Agrostream” LLP combines the experience of advanced foreign developments, but at the same time is maximally adapted for the domestic consumer. The head of “Agrostream” LLP, Aida Mullasheva, emphasizes the simplicity of the interface, the intuitiveness of generating reports, the informativeness and complexity of the developed product, which is successfully used by our Company.


“Atameken-Agro” JSC is fully satisfied with the chosen course for the digitalization of production and in the near future plans to further simplify the work of its agronomists by providing them with a mobile application with the functions of determining the likelihood of diseases and pests, as well as receiving recommendations for preventive actions. 

In conclusion, important to note that the timely correct strategic decisions made by the managers of “Atameken-Agro” JSC bring great benefits to the country's agriculture and set the right trends for other companies, stimulating the development of the industry as a whole.




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